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Team photo

Our Team

Anchorage Office

Washington Office

Greg Rumsey

Project Manager

Anessa Mades

Project Admin

Colin Black

Project Manager

Dave Hultquist


Cody Hultquist

General Manager

Joe Robillard

Project Manager

Jeramy Hollaway

Senior Superintendent

Gerardo Hernandez

Field Supervisor

Stacy Carpenter

Senior Building - Structural Designer

Cori Williams

Chief Financial Officer

Ashlee LaVigne

Financial Controller

Liz Langley

Accounts Payable

Chris Ingalls

Field Supervisor

Chris Anderson

Field Supervisor

Wyatt Adams

Field Supervisor

Scott Strawn

Field Supervisor

Dan Yesner

Excavation Supervisor

Liz Kowal

Project Administrator

Hayley Reimann


Lily Sullivan

Office Assistant

Max Slama


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