• QHow long will it take to build my home?
    ATypically it takes between 4-5 months from the time we dig the foundation to occupancy permit, but that varies with each situation. Things that could have an affect on the schedule include; time of year construction begins, weather, timeliness of customer’s selection process and shipping schedules for materials. Call us and we'd be happy to provide you with your completion date now!
  • QDo you provide a warranty?
    AYes, the finest warranty in Alaska. We provide the customer with 1 year of interior cosmetic coverage including scheduled repairs on the anniversary of the close date. We also provide a 10-structural warranty against any major structural defects. Our Washington homes come with a full 2-10 Warranty package. Your Hultquist Home is covered.
  • QWhen is the best time to start construction?
    AThere is no better time to start the construction of your new home than right now. Alaska has its own unique challenges no matter what time of year we start your home. We would welcome the opportunity to explain the construction process and timing of your new home. Call us!
  • QCan we visit the construction site during construction?
    AFor safety reasons we ask that our customers wait until after normal business hours to view the home and be accompanied by their real estate licensee. Your licenses will have or can arrange access when ever you want to visit you new home. This is for your safety.
  • QWhat differentiates some builders from others?
    AThe most visible and striking difference is our attention to detail throughout the construction process. Prior to the final walk through we perform a quality assurance inspection with our final detail crew. We work diligently to ensure your home orientation walk through is a very pleasant experience.
  • QCan you help me with financing?
    AWe have several lenders we can refer you to. Our lender referrals are strictly chosen based on past treatment of our customers, timeliness of previous closings and overall customer service. Call us for more information.
  • QCan I have my Brother-In-law, the electrician, do the electrical work?
    AI'm sure he would do a great job, but unfortunately, no. There are many reasons we don’t allow this including safety, liability and warranty. All of our subcontractors are licensed and bonded. We are happy to explain this to your Brother-in-law as well.
  • QCan you build a Hultquist Home on my personal lot?
    AYes, we have several ways to accomplish this. Let us know about your situation and we will tailor a game plan that fits your need. Give us a call and lets go look at your lot!
  • QHow long do I have to select my interior finishes?
    ACabinet selections need to be finalized at the time rough plumbing is complete. All other interior selections need to be finalized when the electrical rough in is complete. Other factors can play into the timing; but we will explain all that at your builders meeting.
  • QCan I change the floor plan of my house?
    AYes, however keep in mind that it can be costly if the changes are structural in nature. Non-structural changes are easier to accommodate. Now.. which wall were you thinking about?
  • QWhen will I be able to fence in my yard?
    AUnfortunately, you won’t be able to put in fence posts until the final grade has been approved by the Municipality of Anchorage. Typically, homes that have only CCO approval require work to be completed by Aug. 15. The actual date will vary by subdivision due to frost depths and scheduling. We try our best to get this work completed as soon as the ground thaws.Your patience is greatly appreciated. If your one of our Washington homeowners your weather allows more flexibility.
  • QHow do I schedule my 1st and 2nd year warranty appointments?
    AHultquist Homes does not initiate contact on the 1 or the 2 year anniversary after closing. The homeowner must make a written request by filling out the last page of the warranty certificate and either email or fax it to Hultquist Homes. Upon receipt Hultquist Homes will contact the homeowner to schedule.
  • QI live in a subdivision with cluster mailboxes. Where do I get my key?
    AGo to the local post office and fill out their forms. Once they have your address they will assign you a box and give you a key.